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Driving economically and protecting the environment

The most effective accident prevention system is behind the steering wheel – the driver. It is important for the driver to drive with foresight, remain calm and confident in critical situations, and stay in control of the vehicle.

For this reason, MAN offers practical training courses for truck and bus drivers – and has been striking more and more of a chord with customers with its range of available seminars. In Germany alone, between 3000 and 4000 drivers are currently taking part in seminars every year. MAN ProfiDrive® is now offering its services in more than 25 countries, currently employing a total of 69 trainers.

By professionals for professionals: The objective is to achieve a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 10% and promote gentler vehicle handling on the road.

Safer and more economical

Under MAN ProfiDrive®, you will find a comprehensive range of seminars on topics relating to driving behaviour, driving safety and economical driving. All courses are specially aimed at the following groups: Truck drivers, bus drivers, fleet managers, vehicle transfer personnel, driving instructors and specialists.

Efficiency with the MAN TGS

Transport efficiency: Programme for efficient and sustainable mobility

Efficient economy needs smooth-running mobility. In order to preserve valuable energy resources, commercial vehicles must be as fuel-efficient as possible. MAN Truck & Bus goes beyond simple fuel efficiency and offers a comprehensive programme for reducing the total cost of ownership.

Company owners looking for a vehicle with a narrow cab for use in long-haul transport often opt for the MAN TGS with the LX cab, which offers a full standing height, numerous storage compartments and two comfortable beds on request. MAN Truck & Bus has developed the TGS to make it more attractive for national long-haul transport or international transport close to the border.

The new long-haul transport package includes the following equipment: 660-litre or 760-litre combi tank (all variants possible), differential lock, independent heating, air-conditioning system, aero package with side panels, air-sprung cab suspension, socket in the cab with 12 V and 24 V. This long-haul transport package can be combined with the EfficientLine package for the TGS. These two packages have resulted in TGS long-haul transport solutions that are as exciting as they are economical.

MAN TGM – C cab
 MAN TGM – C cab

C cab

The C design with its compact dimensions is the first choice for everyday heavy-duty transport. The extremely low access height, the doors which open wide and the easy access to the passenger side offer a high level of comfort. Dual passenger seats are available on request

Advantages for the driver

  • Low access height, ideal for frequent entry and exit
  • Comfortable access to the passenger side
  • Best possible view to the rear and a clear view from the driver's seat (rear window on request)
  • Optimum manoeuvring when space is restricted thanks to a reduced overall width (2240 mm)
  • Equipment features with a high-quality look and feel
  • Optimum ergonomics for work assignments
  • Numerous practical storage spaces

Advantages for the company owner

  • Low weight resulting in a higher payload
  • Lower aerodynamic drag thanks to a smaller front end (fuel consumption)
  • Flexible use
  • Low overall vehicle height for special customer requirements
  • Good superstructure capability (cooling unit)
Entry to the C cab

One small step for the driver

The extremely low access height of the C cab and the ease of access to the side where there is no traffic make moving around easier for the driver.

Back support

Back support

Ergonomically designed seats are also particularly important in building site traffic. In the TGM, drivers can choose between the ergonomic standard seat, the air-sprung comfort seat or the luxury seat with lumbar support and seat heating. The innovative air-conditioned seat produces an agreeable flow of air in the seat cushion and the backrest to create a pleasant feeling of warmth or freshness. A central seat is available as an option. Powerful heating systems, the air-conditioning system with automatic temperature control and an optional diesel air heater for additional heating ensure comfortable air conditioning on board at all times.

MAN TGM cockpit

Optimum ergonomics

The cockpit of the MAN TGM sets the standard with its high-quality materials, a two-colour dashboard and an attractive setting. The optional multifunction steering wheel can be infinitely adjusted in terms of its height and inclination.

To ensure that the driver is kept well-informed at all times, various operating states can be displayed on the anti-glare LCD display in the instrument cluster. Whether it's for entertainment or traffic news, the new, optional MAN Media Truck (MMT) Advanced radio with a large colour touchscreen, Bluetooth, AUX input and optional MAN sound system with sub-woofer provides high-quality sound on board.

Common Rail for all

Tried-and-tested engine technology, well-engineered components and perfectly coordinated technologies: This is MAN's recipe for Euro 6, which is based on the company's high-torque six-cylinder engines. In order to achieve the extremely low emissions values, MAN uses the key Common Rail injection, exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR), selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel particle filter (DPF/CRT) technologies. The result: MAN engines in Euro 6 set the standard when it comes to low fuel consumption and are also characterised by very low AdBlue® consumption. Thanks to its compact size, the exhaust silencer with integrated CRT filter system and SCR catalytic converter leaves sufficient free space for superstructures on the side of the chassis. The silencer can be positioned to allow sufficient space for crane supports. To prevent dust particles from circulating when driving off-road, a version with elevated exhaust pipe is available for all series.

Power from six cylinders

The dynamic torque curve of the modern Common Rail engines in Euro 6 allows you to drive economically and with the minimum number of gear shifts – regardless of your chosen engine. The TGM is driven by six-cylinder engines with a power range from 184 kW (250 HP) to 250 kW (340 HP). For excellent engine power in any speed range.

  Displacement Euro 6
D0836 CR 6.9 l  
184 kW (250 HP), 1,000 Nm   X
213 kW (290 HP), 1,150 Nm   X
251 kW (340 HP), 1,250 Nm   X

Tried-and-tested technology for ultimate reliability.

The Euro 6 exhaust-gas standard has come into force with 1st January 2014 for all trucks newly registered in Europe. MAN has incorporated its entire engineering expertise into the development of the Euro 6 engine to satisfy this demanding standard. MAN has already successfully been using the key Common Rail, exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR), selective catalytic reduction and diesel particle filter (DPF/CRT) technologies for many years in its series production. These fully developed technologies were combined and optimally tuned to one another for Euro 6. The result: Euro 6 versions of MAN engines are among the most consumption-efficient units in the competitive market.

Gearbox – how efficiency gets into gear

Efficiency really gets going with the economical Common Rail engines and the MAN TipMatic® gearbox: A powertrain that generates fewer emissions and therefore protects the environment.

MAN TipMatic®

Improved efficiency: MAN TipMatic® – including cross-country drive mode

Efficiency is one of the major benefits of the MAN TipMatic® semi-automatic gearbox. The gearbox can be operated effortlessly either fully automatically or manually by means of the touch-action lever on the steering wheel. The driver is not distracted and can fully concentrate on the road. The MAN TipMatic® is also available with off-road cross-country drive mode.

If the engine brake is actuated, the gearbox selects the most appropriate gear automatically to provide full braking power – a clear advantage when it comes to safety. The MAN TipMatic® also reduces fuel consumption and prevents damage to the powertrain.

The integrated MAN EasyStart starting aid, which automatically sustains the brake pressure when the brake pedal is released until the driver presses the accelerator, also helps to take the pressure off the driver. The easy-to-operate manual gearbox with a nine-speed gearbox or twelve-speed semi-automatic gearbox is also available as an alternative.

Off-road without limits – the advantages:

  • Optimum traction with 4x4 guarantees a high level of driving stability and safety on slippery roads and rough terrain
  • Distributor gearbox with 2 gears for improved all-wheel traction: On-road and off-road gears
  • Electronic transfer case and lock management system (VSM) for an optimum off-road driving strategy
  • MAN TipMatic® Offroad with optimum gear shifting strategy for off-road use
  • MAN EasyStart for safe and effortless start-up on hills

Chassis cab

Are you looking for maximum driving comfort and load protection? The optional full air suspension with ECAS electronic control system makes this possible. The level of the chassis can be lowered by 90 mm and raised by 190 mm in order to adjust the frame height precisely. The MAN TGM 15 tonner, for example, is particularly economical on the road with its 19.5-inch tyres. This truck can be loaded to 11.99 tons, which means it can be driven toll-free in Germany.

TGM chassis

Maximum stability with a minimum weight

The MAN TGM frame is designed for maximum stability and loading capacity while still being extremely lightweight. The sophisticated frame concept with its even top frame edge makes it particularly easy to attach superstructures both quickly and cost-efficiently, without having to drill holes and compromise corrosion protection. MAN Tronic, the tried-and-tested electronics structure based on CAN bus technology, and the interface for external data exchange (KSM), also open up opportunities for a vast range of vehicle and superstructure functions.

What doesn't fit is made to fit

To guarantee the right frame length for any superstructure length, MAN has developed a clever solution for the MAN TGM: The variable rear frame end. The narrow hole pattern allows the frame overhang to be adjusted to the superstructure without the need for additional drilling. The end crossmember is bolted down, making repositioning easy.

Safety with the MAN TGS

Travelling efficiently to get there safely

There are many aspects to safety in trucks. The most important are the truck assistance systems and the ability of the driver to react quickly and appropriately in hazardous situations.

MAN Truck & Bus has developed innovative solutions for both: Situational driver training courses for professionals, as well as electronic assistance systems, which support the driver in eve

Efficiency needs a strong drive

MAN vehicles with the new Euro 6 exhaust gas technology based on tried-and-tested engine technology, sophisticated components and perfectly coordinated technologies. This is all based on the high-torque six-cylinder engines. In order to achieve the extremely low emissions values, MAN uses Common Rail injection, exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR), selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel particle filters (DPF/CRT). The result: MAN engines in Euro 6 set the standard when it comes to low fuel consumption and are also characterised by very low AdBlue® consumption.

Tailor-made powertrain for the numerous requirements of distribution transport – the advantages:

  • Six-cylinder D20 and D26 Common Rail diesel engines with up to 480 HP in Euro 6
  • MAN HydroDrive® selectable front-wheel drive
  • MAN TipMatic® semi-automatic manual gearbox
  • Unrivalled and versatile wheel and drive formulae from 4x4, 6x6 and 8x6 right up to 8x8 all-wheel-drive trucks
  • Optimum braking power with MAN PriTarder®
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