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Iveco Stralis Hi-Way

Iveco Stralis Hi-Way

 Truck of the Year 2013

Think big. The new Stralis is an outstanding solution for the present and future needs of the haulage business, and the only vehicle in its class to offer such a wide and integrated range of functions for optimising costs.

​It's also the best in terms of efficiency and performance, thanks to the new Euro VI engines with HI-eSCR* (available mid 2013 in the UK), and to the technology for minimising operating costs, based in part on the higher torque and power delivered by the engine.

The cab of the new Stralis offers unmistakable style, unrivalled comfort and revolutionary technology: from the IVECONNECT system to the driver ergonomics, the controls to the seats, the bunks to the storage compartments, and the materials to the colours, everything about the new Stralis is designed for better quality of life and work. And with the lowest fuel consumption in its class, even higher reliability and residual values, and prompt, accessible service, it now offers the best operating costs over the full life-cycle of the vehicle.

 The Iveco Stralis is a heavy-duty truck produced by the Italian manufacturer Iveco since 2002. The Stralis replaced the EuroStar and EuroTech models; it covers the range above the Eurocargo, between 19 and 44 tonnes. The fire version of the Stralis released with the German based Iveco Magirus.

In 2007, the Stralis received minor changes to cabin and front of the vehicle. All models have the EuroTronic gearbox, which have full or semiautomatic modes. The original Stralis, introduced in 2002, was the first heavy truck with an automated gearbox as standard equipment.

All engines are four-valve straight-6 with modern pump nozzle injection.

Different performance levels from three different capacity variants are available:

  • Cursor 8, 7.8 l capacity: 228-265 KW (310-360 PS)
  • Cursor 10, 10.3 l capacity: 309-331 KW (420-450 PS)
  • Cursor 13, 12.9 l capacity: 368-412 KW (500-560 PS)

All engines are equipped with a high performance decompression exhaust brake known as Iveco Turbobrake.


Iveco EuroStar

The EuroStar was a heavy-duty truck model produced by Iveco Magirus. It replaced the 1980s-designed Turbostar.

Different performance levels from three different capacity variants were initially available:

  • 6-cylinder 9.5 l providing 375 HP
  • 6-cylinder 13.8 l providing 420 HP, also fitted on the contemporary Eurotech model
  • 8280.42S 8-cylinder V, providing 514 HP

Starting from 1995, Eurostar could mount the new 8210.42S, a 6-cylinder 13.8 l with a power output of 469 HP. In correspondence with, also the possibility to use EuroTronic gearbox, having full or semiautomatic modes, was introduced. In 1998-1999 the Eurostar line received the new Cursor engines (initially limited to the Cursor 10, 10.3 l for 40 HP, later expanded to the more fortunate Cursor 13 with 460 HP or 480 HP).

 Iveco PowerStar

The Iveco PowerStar is an Australian developed and built prime mover, assembled in Dandenong, Victoria. It is based on the European Cab-Over-Engine models, but with a bonnet, it was available as both a day cab, as well as a sleeper cab. When first released in the late 1990s, it was available with Iveco engines, and also American engines, including Detroit Diesel's Series 60, Cummins ISM, ISX and Signature and Caterpillar C12 and C15. A selection of transmissions was also available, such as Iveco's ZF "Eurotronic", Eaton's RoadRanger and Eaton's automated manual the Autoshift. Rear diffs were usually Meritor units, drive shafts were usually Spicer 1810 series on the main shaft and 1710 series on the jack shaft between the two diffs. Rear suspension was either Hendrickson HAS461 or NeWay. Electrical system was a 24 volt system.

The Iveco PowerStar could be rated for single trailer use all the way to multi-trailer road train applications.

Initially the first generation PowerStar was very popular with operators who had traditionally only brought North American sourced prime movers, due to the fact the PowerStar could be sourced with the same driveline as their North American Prime Movers, but with the comfort of a European cab. The PowerStar was very well priced also.

The second generation PowerStar, based on the newer European Stralis cab-over-engine design, was initially not available with the North American driveline, but the Iveco Cursor engine and EuroTronic II Transmission only. Because of this the second generation PowerStar was not as popular as the first generation with the American driveline.

However, from 2010 the Cummins ISX engine was again made available with coupled to the EuroTronic II 16 speed transmission, alongside the Iveco Cursor engine in the model line up

Iveco Strator

A European version of the powerstar is build in the Netherlands. These trucks are rebuild iveco stralis to meet European safety rules. There are some small exterior defferences between the strator and the powerstar. It is the only truck with a bonnet currently sold in Europe

New Iveco Eurocargo E6

New Iveco Eurocargo E6

Eurocargo is the segment’s trail-blazer, with a higher mileage behind it than any competitor. And it’s still a benchmark of reliability and flexibility, that’s designed and built to last.

Now, on the strength of its exclusive HI-eSCR technology, Eurocargo has set another record by combining the highest levels of innovation, with first-rate performance and optimised fuel-efficiency.

Versatility is the keyword in the ever more competitive and continually changing world of work. The Eurocargo range is the most comprehensive in its class, bar none. With 14 gross vehicle weight variants, 7 power ratings, 13 gearboxes, 15 wheelbases and 3 cab types, Eurocargo is available in over 11,000 permutations, to meet your every need, however specific.

The new Tector 5- and 7-litre Euro VI engines are the only power-plants in their class to mount SCR technology, and are designed for high efficiency, light weight and improved performance. Equally suitable for town centres, combined-cycle driving and the most demanding long-haul work, they offer excellent performance with power ratings of up to 320 HP and torque of up to 1,100 Nm.

Another new development, on top of the HI-eSCR system, is the new Eurotronic 12-speed automated gearbox , which is also available for trailer versions.

Eurocargo’s driving style puts safety and stability first, thanks to the new ESP fitted as standard on 12- to 19-tonne versions.

And the new Eurocargo Euro VI is even more adaptable to countless types of conversion, and even easier to maintain.


Iveco Trakker

Iveco Trakker

The Trakker is Iveco's heavy truck product for customers looking to operate a dedicated on/off-road range of vehicles that are built to meet the industry's highest environmental and operational expectations.

Trakker is designed to operate in any climate and on any type of terrain - from normal tarmac roads, and/or dirt track roads to extreme off road conditions - providing maximum comfort, safety and productivity. The Trakker, thanks to its characteristics and wide range, is a vehicle suitable for many and varied missions:

  • transport of aggregates, construction plant and materials (tipper, flat bed, beaver tail bodies)
  • transportation and production of concrete (concrete mixer)
  • road maintenance (winter)
  • and exceptional loads

Trakker is the solution you are looking for.




































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